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Looking for a unique and beautiful cake for a special occasion? Look no further than our Silk Roses with Photo Printed Cake! Handmade with premium ingredients, our cakes are both delicious and visually stunning. The cake is adorned with fresh seasonal flowers, including beautiful silk roses, giving it an elegant and luxurious look. The edible ink photo cake allows you to personalize the cake with any image of your choice, making it perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other celebration. Plus, you can customize the color of the roses to match your event theme. Don't settle for an ordinary cake - make a statement with our Silk Roses with Photo Printed Cake!


Enjoy our 5 special cream flavor options!

1. Milk Cream: Whipped Cream + Mascarpone Cheese + Fruits Cocktail

2. Greentea: Belgian White Chocolate + Greentea (made in Korea)

3. Chocolate: Belgian Callebaut Chocolate

4. Lemon Cream: Fresh Lemon Custard

5. Nutella Banana: Nutella Cream + Fresh Banana


Please send 1 photo you'd like to use (1:1 ratio works the best) to



Please note:

  • Only available in Seoul/Gyeonggi area + Hand-delivery
  • The cake is 16cm and good for up to 3-4 people to share!
  • Please make your order at least 3 - 4 days in advance of the delivery date

Silk Roses with Photo Printed Cake

Cake Cream Color
  • 16cm (3-4 people to share)


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