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Welcome to Giftorea

Hi there, we are two sisters, Olly and Dorothy from Korea.

Since young, we've always loved travelling and exploring different parts of the world.

We've lived in Singapore, studied in Hungary, worked in the Netherlands, China and New Zealand. 

Despite the countless perks of living abroad; missing birthdays, weddings and anniversaries with loved ones never got easy. From picking the right gifts to making the payment and arranging the delivery on time with limited choices online... Trust us, we’ve been there and done that!

That's how Giftorea was born. We wanted to make gift giving cross borders fun and easy. We want to bring the same experience of buying a gift just like you are in Korea.

Get access to only the most artisan and high-quality gifts that are deserved for your special one.

Giftorea spreads the love through gifts that will be remembered and treasured.

We are here to make your present more pleasant.

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