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Happy 25th Birthday Jennie!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

15th January 2021 was Jennie's (from BLACKPINK) 25th birthday!

Jennie is one of the most popular k-pop idols not just in Korea but in the world! She debuted as a part of YG's female idol group called 'BLACKPINK' and with her amazing talents in singing and dancing, she even released her first solo album 'SOLO' in 2018 which was a big success. She is not just a singer, but a style icon, muse and inspiration for all her fans.

For Jennie's birthday this year, Giftorea had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Jennie's fan club from Kuwait to prepare something special for Jennie's 25th Birthday.

After over a month of planning, we finally had a perfect list of gifts for Jennie!

sugarcraft cake, customized blackpink Jennie, gold gift box
Blackpink Jennie's 25th Birthday

Our most favorite gift for Jennie was one and only sugar craft cake that was customized with a design made by her fans! The little girl sitting on top of the black & pink cake is just as cute as Jennie. Our customized sugar craft cake is made with high details to make the craft as real as possible.

Besides the obvious advantage of sugar craft cake being unbearably cute, it also has another great point - It (almost) lasts forever. Lots of big agencies in Korea do not accept edible cakes as cakes tend to go bad too quick and they are harder to store before being delivered to celebrities. And for YG, they have a strict guideline about fans gift support and one of the key restrictions is NO EDIBLE CAKES.

Sugar craft cake tends to be more expensive than normal cakes, but many fans find it worthwhile because they can create one and only cake that will last forever!

blackpink customized cake for jennie

pink flower handmade message card for jennie

customized pink balloon for jennie

And now, let's talk about balloons! Big size balloons with lettering, flowers, LED light and photos have become one of the most popular gift choices among fans! Inside the balloon, you can put a small bouquet of flowers, mini balloons, a photo or even a soft toy if you wish. Also, it is a great way to send your short message with lettering service on the balloon. And as you can see, they are super photogenic! :D

grey hoodie initials embroidery blackpink jennie

Lastly, we can't talk about customization without embroidery service on clothes! If you want to write a short message, illustration or initials on a sweater, hoodie, beanie, cap, scarf or whatever, do not hesitate to leave us a message! We provide a lettering service on a variety of clothing items to make your gifts more personalized.

All the gifts for Jennie have been safely hand-delivered to YG agency in Seoul by our delivery team. And we'd like to share some tips on how to send gifts to YG artists.


- YG only accepts gifts through hand-delivery on its artists' birthdays.

- A month before YG artist's birthday, the agency will open application for fans to submit the fan support form with a list of gifts and a preferred time for hand delivery (download your YG application form below!)

- Upon submission of the application, within a week you will get a reply from the agency for approval or disapproval.

- For our customers who do not know how to submit the application to YG, don't you worry! Giftorea can help you submit the application form and communicate with the agency.

- YG accepts gifts sent by post-delivery all year long. No advance application is necessary.

Download DO • 23KB

Once again, happy birthday Jennie! We love you so much!

Is your favourite idol's birthday coming soon? Please message us on Facebook or DM us on Giftorea or email us at for a chat! Talk soon!


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