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Sending gifts to Kpop idols and Kdrama actors actors actresses

Do you want to send gifts to your favorite kpop idols, kdrama actors and actresses in Korea? We got you! We have delivered over thousands of gifts to most entertainment agencies in Korea. If you are nervous about sending your first fan support to your favorite bias, please do not hesitate to DM us @Giftorea on IG or email us to We will help you with every step from choosing the gifts to preparing and delivery!

We have a wide variety of gifts from beautiful seasonal flowers to wine (of course with flowers too!), flower balloons, mini balloons, customized gifts and cakes! If you can't find what you want on our website, we will help you with sourcing the items you want, so just reach out to us :)

Here are some of the agencies we've visited last month to deliver gifts sent from fans all over the world!

All That Sports - National Figure Skater, Lee Haein

MSTEAM - Son Ye Jin (Lots of wedding gifts were sent by Binjin couple fans!)

NAMOO Actors - Lee Junki (Lee Joongi), Kim Jaeuck

Henecia - Kim Hyun Joong (And Gemini band!)

Story J - Kim Jung Hyun

Gold Medalist - Seo Yeaji and Kim Soo Hyun

KingKong by Starship - Lee Dong Wook

Abyss - Bambam

and the list just goes on! If you have any questions regarding the agency delivery rule or fan support guideline, let us know! :)

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